I was born in Boden, located in the north of Sweden, in 1969 and began my undergraduate studies at Umeå University in 1991. I was hired by the Department of Informatics when I graduated in 1995. I have since then been teaching A- and B-level courses on technical and social aspects of information and communication technology.

Since January 2001, I am situated at the School of Art and Communication, Malmö University where I am a participant of the Creative Environments research studio.

As a PhD student I am currently conducting research on social interaction in virtual worlds. More information on my research is available below under the "Projects" heading.


Current Projects

More project descriptions are available at my earlier projects page.

I am currently conducting studies on social behaviour in virtual environments. The project is called New Arenas for Social Interaction (NAFSI) and is one of the ongoing projects of the Net-Life Research Group. In connection to this work I also function as the editor of a net-life reference page called Net-Life Resources.

Together with Michael Heim, PhD and a group of designers at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Ca. I have been participating for the last couple of months in creating an ActiveWorlds world called ACCD World. It is aimed at conveying some of the ideas presented in Heim's latest book Virtual Realism.

Besides actively taking part in the world design as an apprentice builder, I am conducting a participative study of the design project in order to dig deeper into the practice of virtual world design.

Our collaboration was initiated during the on-line seminar series Deep Cyberspace 98.

Under the name The Swedish Polygon Company I and a group of researchers at the Department of Informatics, Umeå University are running The Confuse Project. We are developing a virtual conference center for presentations and discussions in the Eduverse system. In exploring how to design virtual arenas we have made use of physical modeling, which in our case has entailed building scale 1:30 lego models.


Publications (chronologically reversed)

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Visit: K 3 building, Creative Environments studio, Beijerskajen 8, Malmö.
mail: Malmö University, Mikael Jakobsson, Arts & Communication, SE-205 06 Malmö, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)40 6657231
ICQ: 11405360


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