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Seminarier under 2007

Wed 2007-12-12, 13:15-15:00 MIT-huset, MC 313

Bridging the Reality Gap across Physical and Media Space

Kei Hoshi, Department of Informatics

Wed 2007-11-28, 13:15-15:00 MIT-huset, MC 313

Unpacking the social dimensions of external interruptions

Rikard Harr, Informatik

Wed 2007-11-14, 13:15-15:00 MIT-huset, MC 313

Usability Evaluation and Cross Media Entertainment

Kalle Jegers, Informatik

Wed 2007-11-07, 13:15-15:00 MIT-huset, MA136

Give us back our diaries! - A story on how an online community responded to a software redesign

Daniel Skog, Department of informatics

Wed 2007-09-12, 13:15-15:00 MIT-huset, MC 313

The Cyborg, the Self and the Other

John Waterworth

Wed 2007-06-27, 13:15-15:00 MIT-huset, MC 413

Att studera digitala artefakter i människors vardagsliv

Annakarin Nyberg

Wed 2007-06-13, 13:15-16:00 MIT-huset, MC 413

During the afternoon, four of our current graduate students will present their ongoing work for discussion.

Informatics Graduate Students Seminar

Mon 2007-05-21, 13:00-15:00 MIT-huset, MC 413

Technology we tend to forget - Learning from Innovations in Practice

Carljohan Orre, Department of Informatics

Wed 2007-04-25, 13:15-15:00 MIT-huset, MC 413

Gender Oriented Design Studies of Innovative IT-use

Anna Croon Fors, Department of Informatics

Wed 2007-04-18, 13:15-15:00 MIT-huset, MC 413

The Interface Between Interaction Technology and Anthropology

Kazuomi Kuniyoshi

Inclusive Design Process and Case Studies

Yasuyuki Hirai

Thu 2007-03-29, 13:15-15:00 MIT-huset, MA226

Design Information Framework

Keiichi Sato Professor, Design Knowledge and Interactive Systems Research Institute of Design Illinois Institute of Technology

Wed 2007-03-14, 13:15-15:00 MIT-huset, MC 413

Evaluation of the TILLIT project: findings and lessons learned

Torbjörn Nordström and Ulf Hedestig, Department of Informatics, Umeå University


Sidansvarig: Torbjörn Nordström