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Tid: Onsdag 1997-12-03, 13:15-15:00
Plats: MIT-huset, MC 413

Ola Henfridsson: IT as De-Contextualisation: On Organisation and Symbol Systems

By transcending the spatio-temporal constraints that characterise oral speech, information technology enables co-ordination and action on the bases of signs that represent absent parts of the world. By means of such representation - numerical as well as alphanumerical, surveyable aspects of human activity may be recorded to be examined and evaluated for control. Of necessity, representation selectively codifies and orders certain aspects of what is supposedly being represented. The power of this selective codification have been exploited in many of the most celebrated work on, e.g., decision-making, control of organisations and expertise. However, despite the merits of selective codification and although moderated and curtailed by human activity, such representation do not contain the context-embeddedness intrinsic to physical bodies - i.e., "actors and things" - and consequently trade-off important aspects of context.

This seminar focuses on the type of social system that is termed "organisation". It will explore the relation between the cognitive foundation of information technology and organisation.

Heiner Schorn: Some impressions from a visit to Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USA

Kenneth Nilsson


Sidansvarig: Torbjörn Nordström