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 Tid: Onsdag 1997-10-29, 13:15-15:00
Plats: MIT-huset, MC 413

Johan Waterworth: Back to Being: The Mind in the Body and the Body in the Mind

Virtual Reality expands experiential perception at the expence of reflective cognition. The burden of abstract-to-concrete mapping, and associated problem solving (which are at the heart of reflective cognition), is shifted from consciousness to the VR system, and the possibilities for that of which we might be conscious are thus expanded. This expansion may open the door to technological support for human creativity. Until the advent of VR, introducing information technology implied the exclusion of sensation, emotion and, to a large extent, imagination (a focus on doing rather than being). Now however, we are reversing this trend, and rediscovering our embodied selves in the process

Kenneth Nilsson

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