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Tid: Tisdag 1997-06-10, 13:15-15:00
Plats: MIT-huset, MA 378

Torsten Nilsson: The Interface of a Museum Text, Context and Hypertext in a Performance Setting

The purpose is to have a look at the role of textual communication in a setting of a complex communication situation, where spaces of many kinds play an important role. I suggest that the text in a museum interface can be looked at as an element in a stage performance. In computerised media, the role of text has been pushed in the background, to emphasise graphics of all kinds. It is argued, with the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard, that text, especially poetic text and hypertext, can have qualities that go beyond the literal message. A distinction is also proposed between the structural space, i.e. the structure of the medium itself and the presentational space, i.e. the space intended to be communicated. The structural space is a part of the context for the museum presentation. The problems of contextual relations are further elaborated with the further complexity of structural an presentational space in mind. One conclusion made is that text plays a very important role in the design of interfaces. Text, when put into computers, is all too often treated as a literal message and not as literature. On the other hand literature is all too often regarded as of no concern for informational purposes. It is of great importance to consider both those views and to include a concern for literary qualities in the interfaces we design. The design of interfaces has often been described as an art. A final conclusion is that if it is so, it should then also make use of the knowledge of the disciplines of art.

Kenneth Nilsson


Sidansvarig: Torbjörn Nordström