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Logotyp, Umea universitet 2017-02-15

Seminarium i Informatik

Tid: Fredag 2017-02-17, 13:00-14:15
Plats: MIT-huset, MA456

Marco Rozendaal, Delft University of Technology: Introducing 'Objects with Intent' as new interaction design paradigm

In my talk, I would like to introduce 'Objects with Intent' as a new interaction design paradigm that is positioned at the intersection of Industrial Design and Robotics. I will show a film about a speculative design called “PAT the social backpack” to illustrate this new paradigm. The film depicts the story of a shy teenager who tries to make contact with his peers with the help of PAT. I will focus on the role that the backpack might play in the life of this teenager, elaborate on the expressiveness of the backpack as both an everyday object and an intelligent agent, and would like to discuss how the interaction with PAT can be framed as an emerging collaboration. I would like to end my talk with a debate about how artificial intelligence embedded in everyday artefacts are perceived and appreciated, and how they might influence our behaviour in suggestive, persuasive and sometimes even in coercive ways.

Marco Rozendaal is an assistant professor of interaction design at Delft University of Technology. He has a background in media technology and the arts. In his work, he explores new interaction design paradigms engendered by emerging technologies to understand their social opportunities and ethical implications.