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Logotyp, Umea universitet 2008-10-06

Seminarium i Informatik

Tid: Thursday 2008-10-16, 13:15-15:00
Plats: MIT-huset, MC 333

Kalle Jegers, Informatik: Pervasive GameFlow - Cover paper seminar

The seminar will present the cover paper of my forthcoming PhD thesis, called “Pervasive GameFlow: Understanding Player Enjoyment in Pervasive Games”. I will outline the major parts of my research process and activities, in order to raise discussion and give me an opportunity to get feedback on aspects such as Pervasive GameFlow as object of study, methodological considerations in the empirical part of my work, contributions and the character of the results produced in the thesis projects, the position of my research in the discipline of Informatics, etc.

You are all most welcome!
Kalle Jegers